Residential Window Cleaning Grand Rapids FAQ

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What should I expect from your residential window cleaning service?

Your residential window cleaning Grand Rapids team will arrive on time and in uniform, with all the equipment and know-how needed to reach your highest windows and clean and replace your screens, all while treading lightly on your landscaping. And you’ll know them from their photos, which we’ll send you before they get there.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, Modern Window Cleaning is both licensed and insured. We are also certified by the International Window Cleaners Association. As proponents of environmental issues, we joined the National Environmental Health Association, the American Society for Healthcare and Environmental Services, the International Facility Management Association.

What geographical areas do you service?

We primarily service West Michigan including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and the lakeshore communities of Muskegon, Grand Haven and Holland. We have been known to travel farther, so please contact us.

What makes Modern Window Cleaning different from the competition?

What makes Modern Window stand out is our people. We have the most experienced, responsible, and reliable window cleaners around. We’ll even send you a photo of your technician before arrival, so that way you’ll know the trustworthy pro who comes to your door.

Do you employ your own staff or do you subcontract out your workers?

We employ our own highly trained professionals.

Do you provide your own cleaning equipment and supplies?

Our professionals come prepared with all the necessary cleaning tools and equipment, safety gear, and environmentally friendly cleaning materials.

Does someone have to be home while you are cleaning my windows?

We do recommend an adult be home while we are cleaning your home, to answer any questions and to address concerns, as well as to ensure everything is cleaned to your liking.

I have allergies, small children, and pets. Are your products safe?

Our green cleaning service uses environmentally friendly materials and methods – extra-gentle to you, your kids, your pets and your planet.

Do your workers undergo any kind of background check?

All of our workers are pre-screened and must pass a criminal background check, random drug tests, and adhere to all OSHA standards and strict safety procedures.

What happens if it rains the day of my appointment?

Our technicians can clean your windows in rain or shine. It usually doesn’t rain all day so if it is raining when we arrive, we will start by cleaning the inside of your windows.

My windows are a disaster from construction/ remodeling- can you clean this mess?

Modern’s professional window cleaning will remove dust, dirt, mud, bugs, mildew, grime, hard water stains, and much more.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

To extend the life of your windows and to maintain optimum appearance, we recommend at least once per year- in the Spring or Fall.

Can you clean skylights and solar panels?

Modern offers solar panel cleaning, to clean the largest, hard-to-reach, residential or commercial skylights and solar panels; brightening your rooms and increasing efficiency.

Will you wash my screens?

We will remove your screens, clean them with a low-pressure machine that won’t cause sagging or frame damage, and re-install them for you.

Do you offer discounts?

Browse current offers by clicking on the “Coupons” button located on our homepage.

What residential services do you offer besides window cleaning?

Modern Window Cleaning also offers blind cleaning, skylight cleaning, solar panel cleaning, window stain removal, scratched glass repair, gutter cleaning, power washing, cleaning of hard to reach lights and fixtures including ceiling fans and chandeliers.

Can I get a free estimate?

To request a free estimate, all us at 616-456-8333 or begin the process online here.