Meet Sheila: West Michigan’s First
Automated High-Rise Window Cleaner

Modern Window Cleaning is living up to its name with West Michigan’s first high-rise window cleaning machine, the HighRise™ by IPCEagle. Using pure water for cleaning – NO chemicals – this remote-controlled marvel travels up and down a building on a guide wire. It scrubs each window on its way up, and rinses and dries on its way down. Nicknamed “Sheila” by Modern’s crew, it outperforms the manual crew in terms of safety, time, and whole-building cleanliness.

“Our customers love the privacy,” says Bill Beck, Division Manager of Modern Window Cleaning. “Hospitals, office buildings, schools … they’re just a lot more comfortable seeing a machine out there than a person.”

The machine also makes high-rise window cleaning a lot safer, since operators are on the roof as opposed to scaling the sides of a building. “Sheila-cleaned windows stay cleaner longer because it uses reverse osmosis deionized water,” said Beck. “And since she cleans the whole building exterior – not just the windows – there’s no dirt to get washed onto the windows again when it rains.” How well does it clean? Crystal clear and residue-free, according to Modern’s clients. “They’re really pleased,” says Beck. “We’ve had so many compliments. No one wants to go back to the ‘old-fashioned way’ of cleaning high-rise windows anymore. It’s all Modern now!”