Commercial Window Cleaning Service

Savvy building owners and managers know that windows aren’t just fixtures, they are BIG, BOLD statements about your business.

Cleaning commercial windows in a way that reflects your image takes a lot more than buckets and squeegees. First of all, any building over two stories high requires special high-rise commercial window cleaning equipment. Modern Window Cleaning comes prepared with well-constructed, well-maintained platforms, tools, and safety gear to make your windows “crystal-clean” in record time.

Commercial Window Cleaning FAQ

High-Rise Window Cleaning, with the Latest Technology in Green Cleaning Services

We offer the area’s only robotic high-rise window cleaning machine: Sheila. It washes a 10-foot wide swath of windows and frames using only pure, deionized water. This green cleaning service works without harsh detergents and preserves occupants’ privacy, all with maximum efficiency. Sheila is incredibly quick – no matter how high your structure may be.

Window Restoration

Modern Window Cleaning also offers window and glass restoration, utilizing a unique, low-heat polisher that will not distort or otherwise damage your glass. From historic windows that require delicate care, to newer windows that can be salvaged rather than replaced, Modern Window Cleaning’s window restoration experts will have your glass looking “crystal-clear” in no time.

Window Restoration FAQ

Whatever commercial window cleaning methods suit your property needs, Modern Window Cleaning protects your building (and your professional image) with full-liability insurance and the most experienced, trained, and trusted professionals in Michigan.

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Commercial Window Cleaning Service